Microsoft Excel training courses

London and UK wide

Interested in attending a Microsoft Excel course? Best STL has a wide range of course formats, covering all levels and versions of MS Excel.

We also cater for all products within the Microsoft Office suite: Access, Project, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook. As well as Dreamweaver, Frontpage and Visio.

Excel courses

Training can be delivered to your offices (on-site), or we can arrange a closed company course for your staff.

We run the UK's most regular schedule of Excel training events. Our public scheduled courses are priced using the EasyJet style: the further ahead you book, the lower the cost. See pricing and availability for Excel training courses.

We have four London venues, with modern workstations (1 per course attendee). Our trainers are Microsoft Certified. Class sizes are no larger than 8, with an average of 6 attendees.

Courses are never cancelled.

What can you learn with Excel training?

Create a spreadsheet, input data and carry out simple calculations. Edit, delete, move and copy data. Using the chart wizard. Format a spreadsheet and print it.

Create formulas across multiple worksheets and workbooks, sort and filter data, use advanced formatting techniques, create advanced charts, protect data, use standard templates and create your own.

Create advanced formulas to make decisions, import and export data, create and use lookups and queries. Work with Pivot Tables and other analytical tools, record and use a macro to automate your work.

On our 2 day Excel VBA course you'll learn how to customise and manipulate Excel within the Microsoft Visual Basic environment. You'll be using macros, custom functions and user forms. The skills gained from this Excel training UK course can be applied to all versions of Excel.

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